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Just what the doctor ordered! A trip to LA! ENJOI!

Twilight Landing At LAX

Starbucks Trenta VS. The Human Stomach

Unfortch TRENTA is for cold drinks only. ;-(

Do not talk about Fight Club…. The Musical.

Looks like Fight Club: The Musical is closer and closer to becoming a reality. You are not your high notes.

It’s official… here we go…

Bring in the bottled lightning… a clean tumbler… and a corkscrew…

Four Loko- Regular or High Octane?

YUP! Looks like soon ya gonna be filling up at the pumps with Four Loko!

Face O’ Glass

Yup! This is a painting made up of individual panes of glass which give the illusion of three dimensions. Pretty trippy. Zero in VisualNews.

New Starbucks Logo!

Now with less words!

Mary Moe… She’s a Vegetarian…

Remember that song …Mary Moe..She’s a Vegetarian…

I heard it today and I had not heard it in like 15 years …prepares for flashback…

:: Flashback :: There was this girl in college (who I will call S.) who had gone to Europe, I think, and then she came back and had this intestinal virus or some bacteria that made it impossible for her to eat any kinda meat and like 15 seconds before, this song was was floating under discussion, and thus she became Mary Moe..she even had her real name in a charm thingie around her neck …and she was a friend…we liked her…but she was always called Mary Moe

:: Present Day :: Man… I totally love that get’s me a groovin’…

::After Thought:: Now that I ponder… I think I did hear it like maybe 7 years ago… and they actually bleeped out the word ‘bone‘…funny…

//remebers fondly//

//a happy sigh followed by an abrupt ‘AHH WHAT?!’//

I just discovered that not only have I been singing it all wrong, I finally found out who sings it and the actual title of the song…

//braces for devastating shock to crumble the foundations of all that is good and pure//

The name of the song is New Age Girl performed by Deadeye Dick… Lets educate and reform as many as we can…

The funny thing is that they say Mary Moon like a gazillintimes and the song is called New Age Girl and appears like only once… wicked.

Fallingwater ala LEGO

Lloyd Wrights  famous house Fallingwater is in wicked LEGO form. WICKED!

Test day two

Test day two time 9:08